ChatGPT Predict Your TOEFL Writing Score

Our ChatGPT-powered essay grader tool reads your TOEFL writing, then scores and show areas for improvements.

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Predicted TOEFL Score

Our AI will analyze your essay and share a predicted score you will receive on the exam, based on the following criterias

Quality Of Ideas

Evaulated based on your logic of arguments.


Grammar is an important way to demostate your writing capability.

Writing Style

This is meaure on easy of comprehension for graders.

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Personalized Feedback

We will share your personal study plan based on our AI's analysis.

Lexical Complexity

TOEFL exam requires a medium level of lexical complexity, which could be overlooked by some test takers.


Grammar errors can be improved as you understand the root cause and learn using the example provided.


Our AI will take a look of your essay's general organization. This is important to show in TOEFL exam.

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Easy to use
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Instant Feedback

Our AI will share its instant feedback with you, so you don't have to wait until your next class!

Free To Use

We are currently allowing access for free for all of users. Unlimited access.

Improve Writing Skills Fast

As you make changes based on our AI's suggestions, you'll be quicker than ever to learn English writing.

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